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This is collection of interviews (some of which are movies) and essays about Lennart Anderson.   If you have a URL of an article or a printed article or essay and can scan it and send it to us, please get in touch.  

Art of the Real Essay (printed here without permission of the publisher (working on it).  The book's out of print but used copies are available online.)

High Gifts and Creative Intuition: By Maureen Mullarkey


Interviews and Movies

Updated 7/15/2010

Rick Brazill and I (David Marshall) spent an afternoon in Lennart's studio and talked about various painting subjects.  Here are a couple of excerpts.   More to come.

Two videos are now on YouTube.com

Lennart's story of how he came to own a painting by Edwin Dickinson


Lennart talking about painting the quality of places.  
     From previous discussions I've had with him, this is something that was of primary importance to Dickinson: getting the ambiance.